We can all agree the cost of living right now is untenable. Finding a place where you can live safely, work, go to school, raise a family or just enjoy our city shouldn’t be. Bend lacks the residential inventory and the types of housing options thriving communities rely upon. Our city can become a place that allows citizens to come here and work, live and stay.



It is never okay for our neighbors to sleep on the streets or under an overpass. We must address these issues with multifaceted solutions such as increased community resources, more mental and behavioral health support, more available short-term and long-term housing, and by enforcing the laws. We deserve better – all of us.


A thriving community is a strong community. Building a stronger community means supporting our local businesses, encouraging smart growth and entrepreneurship, and opening the doors to innovation. We can support small local businesses while also ensuring we aren’t closing out economic drivers and job creators.


For far too long, the City Council has ignored finding long-term solutions to major issues like water rights, natural resources, infrastructure and traffic congestion, tourism, and more. These are critical issues for our every day quality of life, and also for that of future generations. I will take bold action to establish objectives and goals to address these issues and improve the quality of life for our citizens.